The Phone

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I saw a garage sale on my way home. It was packed with objects and people. I thought I could go in and have a look. I found a phone that looks exactly like my phone. I was lucky to find it because yesterday I left my phone at home to charge. When I came back home my phone wasn’t where I left it and the backyard door was open. But I thought that maybe I had left it open, so I didn’t see the need to explore deeper in to it.


The lady looking after the place there was nothing left in the phone, so it was good to use. I bought the phone and made my way home. When I arrived home, I searched through the phone I went into the gallery there was a photo of a girl. That girl was me.


Frozen like a brick wall, I tried to get my head around what was going on. I thought about the things that happened. First the phone getting lost, backyard door being open and now this. What was going on? Is it all a coincidence or was something happening? It was impossible to sleep with 1000 things going in and out of my head. When it was morning I got dressed and raced out straight to the house where I bought the phone. I consistently knocked on the door, until she opened.


I was panicking so much it was hard to speak. My voice was shaking, it was hard to understand what I was saying. She sat me down and gave me a glass of water. As I gave her the phone, I told her what happened. She told me that once a week a man gives her some phones he finds. Maybe my phone wasn’t lost and this was my phone.










That’s why you always listen to the teacher

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I felt like I could touch the sky. The cold wind was brushing past my face. It felt like a dream. Until my teacher shouts out, “get down from there you’re going to fall.” But you know those times when something goes in one ear and out the other, that’s kind of what happened. Until “BANG”


I broke every single bone in my body. I cracked my skull. I’m in so much pain. When my mum arrived she was panicking. We finally got to the hospital. I found out my terrible injury. I had broken my arm. That was it! I thought I was on the line of dying and the doctor says I broke my arm. “Mum we need to find another doctor”. I explained hoe it couldn’t just be a broken arm and how he was completely wrong. It was a bad time to break an arm because in a few days I will be starting my first day in Moonee Ponds Central School.


I stood in front of the gate of my new school. My mum took a photo, me and my broken arm. As I took my first step through the school and through my new class the only words going past my head was, “I want to go home”. But I think it was a little late for that. I still tried my luck, but it didn’t work.


I was there to stay and even my broken arm wasn’t going to save me.


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“Class dismissed”, the teacher said. Everyone ran out of class. It was the last day of school and there was one week left to my birthday. My friend waved to me and said I’ll see you tomorrow. As I walked home I felt someone behind me. I rapidly turned around, there was no one there. When I arrived home, I threw myself on my bed.


I saw a shadow pass my window. I wasn’t feeling safe, if I told my parents they would say my imagination is acting up again. That’s normally what happens anyway. When it was the middle of the night, I woke up with a freight with noises coming out of my room. My heart was racing I crept out of bed. I slowly turned the doorknob. When I was out of my room, I was shaking like a leaf. I felt fear run down me from my head to my toe. My stomach was churning.


Then out of know where everyone jumped out. “Surprise!” everyone screamed. I just froze there until I got over the shock. Finally calmed down. They told me that it was an early birthday because we knew you wouldn’t expect it. They were right I didn’t expect it, I asked them hoe they managed to do all those tricks when I was coming home and when I was in my bed. What are you talking about, all we did was wait till you went to bed and that’s when we organized the party.



Behind The News: the future of space Exploration and discovery

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My first recall is that first the booster takes the ship to orbit, the two vehicles separate and the booster comes back to land on earth. Secondly once the booster land it quickly gears up for its next launch. That tank then connects to the spaceship in orbit filling it up with the gas it needs to get to mars. Lastly once it arrives it land using its engines to lower its self-down. What would happen is something went wrong and it couldn’t make it to mars? Would people have to train before they get there because they might have trouble staying there? I wonder what they could do in mars so that they don’t gain severe bone density or muscle loss.

Behind The News: Life in space-Food

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A recall I found was that as long as the food sticks to itself, it’s save to be opened up and liquids would have to be drunken with a straw. Also once the packets are empty, they make them as small as they can and then they put them in a little bag. Then shoot it out in space and as it goes down to earth it goes in the progress in burning up. If they badly got sick from what they ate, how would they treat themselves? What would happen if the food ran out? I wonder because they would have to eat less than they normally do wouldn’t they get hungry quickly.

Behind The News: Space Rock

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My recalls were that comets are chunks of ice and dust which come from the cold outer part of the solar system. When they get close to the sun they melt and give out gas. Asteroids are usually made of rock or metal. Tens of thousands of them lie in an area called the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter but some travel closer to Earth. Meteoroids are smaller chunks of asteroids and millions of them enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day. How did they get the name Comets, asteroids and meteoroids? When did the first meteoroid enter the earth’s atmosphere? I wonder which one would give more damage?

Behind The News: The Solar System

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One recall I found was the eight planets are divided into 4 planets (one group was the terrestrial planets which are mercury, Venus, earth + mars) (the other group was the gas giants which are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus + Neptune.) But not only the eight planets orbit our sun, trillions of asteroids and comets also circulate. In five hundred million years it will became hotter and hotter until at some point it will melt the earth’s crust, then the sun will grow and grow and either swallow earth or at least turn it into a sea of lava. I wonder what else would happen if it didn’t turn out this way. My questions are how they would know that this would happen and is there anything we could do about it.

Behind The News: Space

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Three recalls are that the ancient Greeks, the Babylonians and the Maya, they all discovered an important part of astronomy. Babylonians were very advanced for the day because they had a system of writing which created mathematical models, mathematical models created calendars used for important things throughout Babylonia like business.  The Maya was also interested in astronomy unfortunately little knowledge about the Mayan astronomy exist because there text were burned by Spanish conquistadors. What we do know is that they made something known as the Mayan long count calendar. My two questions are where there others other than ancient Greeks, the Babylonian and the Maya that discovered an important part of astronomy? and If so how many of them where there? I wonder how long it would have taken them to create these calendars.



Reflecting on my Future Goals

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My goals for the future,

One of my goals for the future would be to work with more people I don’t know. With my homework, I would like to finish my homework earlier in the week. I could do this by setting a time table of when to do my homework. Another goal would be to write quicker when where doing a lesson in class. I could do this by writing the new information in dot points. I would like to be more confident when I’m talking to an audience. I also want to be able to put expression when I’m reading a story or books.

Have i achieved my future goals,

My future goal was to work with more people that I haven’t worked with before. I have achieved this goal by looking around the class and working with someone different every time we had to work with a partner. I would keep working on this goal because I sometimes partnered up with someone I normally work with. My organisation with setting out my homework throughout the week has gone well. The day I got my homework I would try to finish it if not I would finish it the next day. Another future goal I had was to write quicker when we’re doing a lesson. I have achieved this goal by writing my new information in dot points. It was hard but I did get better at it the more I did it. I also set out my book in my free time so I was ready to start a lesson. I feel that my goal on having confidants well talking to an audience has become easier from practising in debates and projects. As I have been reading this book that I’m really interested in, I have been putting a lot of expression in it, it might be because I enjoy reading that book. I would like to keep on working on this goal as well.

First aid lesson reflection

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Today we had a first aid lesson, we went through the things you should do, in step when someone is unconscious. We also learnt the D.R.S.A.B.C. D is for danger, so if someone is unconscious, before you go next to them, look around for anything dangerous, so you don’t get hurt. R is for response, you should check if there awake by asking simple questions and slightly pinching them on their shoulders to see if they give a response. S is to send for help, so you should call 000. A is for airways, check to see if there airways are blocked. B is for breathing, you should check to see if there breathing. If there not you go onto the last step c which is C.P.R.